On (digital) tools for doing ethnographic research

There are a bunch of physical things, smart phone apps, and other software that I’ve found incredibly useful while doing ethnographic research, research in general, and just traveling near or far from home in general as well. Many of these things I learned through experience or trial and error, or found about about because someone recommended them, and so I thought I would share a compilation in case it is useful to others.

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On doing ethnography and implementing methods–a reading / resource list

Especially since beginning fieldwork research almost two months ago now, I’ve been desperate for more advice on doing ethnography and implementing methodological approaches (for a discussion of specific tools see here). Some blogs with fantastic resources that I came across include: Anthrodendum (and its prior home at Savage Minds), Raul Pacheco-Vega’s blog, Ethnography MattersFootnotes, and Fieldsites, and the open access journal Anthropology Matters.

Below is a list of some blog posts, books, podcasts, and other resources that I’ve found helpful to think with for a variety of reasons, including their honesty, concreteness, and critical interrogations of what constitutes “research.”

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