Experiencia artística


image of a woman holding a red PSC poster and standing among pairs of worn shoes each with a single standing rose, and another person recording her to the left, and people with signs standing off to the side watching, with trees in the background

image of a sign laid down on paved ground with black spray-painted text that reads "what would a Black life-affirming campus look like?" and sharpies left next to it along with pairs of shoes each with a single rose.

photo of a handmade cloth and painted sign that shows a pot of gold (with gold sequined fabric) to the left and emanating out from it is a rainbow, across which there is text in white ribbon that reads "FUND CUNY". Text painted in black above the pot of gold reads "DEFUND NYPD + TAX THE RICH".

Co-líder-organizadora y co-intérprete. Acción artística frente al Brooklyn College para protestar los recortes presupuestarios. Brooklyn, Nueva York. Colaboración entre el sindicato Professional Staff Congress, Black Faculty y Staff de Brooklyn College, y la Alianza Puertorriqueña dirigida por estudiantes. Julio de 2020.

Photograph of a group of women, many with hands raised in solidarity fists and one to the right mid-drumming, standing on the steps of the library with the library in the background. Our mouths are open chanting together.

Participante. Performance de “el violador eres tú” por Las Tesis en el Puente de Brooklyn y las escaleras de la Biblioteca Pública de Nueva York, Parque de Bryant. Brooklyn y Manhattan, NY. Diciembre de 2019.

Photo of a dinosaur skeleton inside the American Museum of Natural History with two signs held up by people behind it, one reads "OCCUPY" in orange background with black letters and the second sign is red background with "DECOLONIZE THIS MUSEUM" written in white letters. A crowd of people are standing in front, the photo shows mostly the backs of their heads watching where the signs are held and a person standing making a speech.

Image of the Teddy Roosevelt statue in front of the stone building of the American Museum of Natural History partially covered with a tarp, and with a big sign held up by people in front with an orange background and big black letters that read: "ABOLISH WHITE SUPREMACY".

Co-organizador y participante. Decolonize This Museum, recorrido contra el Día de Colón en el Museo Americano de Historia Natural, dirigido por Decolonize This Place. Manhattan, Nueva York. Octubre de 2016.

"NO" written in large letters with birdseed on brick paved ground and a group of pigeons eating the seeds

Participante y co-intérprete. “No más lucro” escrito en interpretación de alpiste. Santiago, Chile. Parte del Grupo de Trabajo “Direct Action Art / Visual Poetics” del Encuentro del Instituto Hemisférico de la Universidad de Nueva York. Julio de 2016.

image of two red strips of paper (representing gums of a mouth) with white pieces of paper with cards attached to them (representing teeth) wrapped around a telephone pole, with a park and children playing in the background. a dialogue bubble cut out of poster above the mouth reads #languageisaright languageisaright.org

Artista principal y co-coordinador. Campaña de afiches en forma de boca “Vocero” para el acceso lingüístico. Washington, DC. Por la Oficina del Alcalde para Asuntos Latinos del DC. Para compartir materiales sobre la Ley de Acceso Lingüístico y los derechos. Verano de 2013.

an image of a mural painted on a brick building with "my language" written in bright letters in Spanish, Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese, Amharic, and French, with other brightly colored abstract shapes.

Co-coordinador. Acceso lingüístico para todos en el mural de DC. Washington DC. Escuela secundaria MacFarland. Colaboración entre el programa MuralsDC y las Oficinas del Alcalde sobre Asuntos Latinos, Asiáticos e Isleños del Pacífico y Africanos del DC. Artista principal: Juan Pineda. Verano de 2012.

Co-coordinador y co-intérprete. Teatro de calle de acceso lingüístico. Washington DC. Oficina del Alcalde para Asuntos Latinos.
Actor principal y director: Mattias Kraemer. Verano de 2011.

Institutos y Entrenamientos

Co-organizador principal y participante. CUNY Graduate Center Digital Initiatives (GCDI) Serie de sonido #GCDISound. Otoño de 2017 a primavera de 2018, Nueva York, NY. https://gcdi.commons.gc.cuny.edu/gcdi-sound-series-2017-2018/

Participante. Instituto de Verano de Humanidades Digitales de la Universidad de Victoria: Taller sobre Sonidos y Humanidades Digitales. 12 al 16 de junio de 2017, Victoria, Canadá.

Participante. SoundCamp en el Parque Ecológico Stave Hill. 6 y 7 de mayo de 2017, Londres, Inglaterra.

Participante. Reunión “Curación del conocimiento en condiciones digitales”, Programa de Cultura Digital del Social Science Research Council (SSRC). 24 de marzo de 2017, Nueva York, NY.